The Neuron Health Team

There are a number of individuals and organizations who have made the Neuron Health project possible.  Thanks to everyone whose hard work and vision have influenced our success!



Brady Mathis, Community ManagerD.J. Jacob, Lead Developer for Neuron

We want you to feel free to contact the community manager, Brady Mathis (left) or contact the lead developer, D.J. Jacob (right).  We've both been with the Neuron Team since the very beginning and would be happy to answer your questions, as well as hear about how you have used the tools.  

Neither one of us like projects that seem to have no real people involved, so we have made it a priority to be involved and accessible to the community.  (Full disclosure:  we both work for the primary project sponsor, Roberts-Hoffman). 



Sponsor:  Roberts-Hoffman Software, Inc.About Roberts-Hoffman

Roberts-Hoffman is a Colorado company founded in 1996 by Jack L. Roberts and Vickie Hoffman in order to provide integrated software solutions for the healthcare community.  Since that time, they have built strong partnerships with healthcare provider organizations, technology companies, and information providers which has enabled them to be a pioneer in healthcare software.


Enthusiastic Support: