Technical Resources

Our project resources are hosted primarily on SourceForge.  There are a number of important links here, but you can get to them all via the project home page.


Source Code

Contribute Code

All the project code is hosted in SourceForge's subversion repository.  You can check it out freely.  If you are a developer interested in improving the project or contributing in some way, please contact D.J. Jacob, the lead developer and keeper of the code.


Getting Started

The first thing you want to do is get an instance of Neuron running in your own environement.  The quickest way to get started is by following the Neuron Installation Guide.  This guide includes a troubleshooting section that should help you with the most common problems that people encounter when installing Neuron for the first time.  Alternatively, you can also download a virtual machine from our sponsor site that is already configured with an instance of the Tolven Platform.


Project Roadmap

Here's what is coming up in the future for the Neuron Project.  Look at the text version of the project roadmap on SourceForge, or watch the video, instead!


Technical Documents

If you are ready to start creating your own solutions with Neuron, make sure to check out the [Neuron Development Guide] and our other [Technical Guides]. You can also browse the [List of Plugins] included in the package.  You might also want to refer to the Tolven Resources available from Roberts-Hoffman.  These guides are an essential primer for developers interested in utilizing the full spectrum of features available in the platform.


Get Help

We would love to hear from you on our Help Forums.  Plus, we may have already posted something that will get you the information you need right away.


Buy Professional Training

One of our project sponsors, Roberts-Hoffman Software, offers a developer's course for the Neuron project.  Check out the package overview on their site.